The Winemaker's Journey

Season 3, Episode 2: Jim Duane, Daniel Baron dual interview

Episode Summary

In the dual 2 hour podcast Jim Duane and I interview each other about our paths to winemaking and podcasting and our winemaking philosophies. Jim is the creator of the popular Inside Winemaking podcast in which he interviews winemakers, researchers and technicians to shed light on the nuts and bolts of winemaking and grapegrowing. He is the winemaker at Seavey Vineyards, a winemaker for Naked Wines and a partner in Terratorium Wines. I think you will find this an entertaining and informative listen

Episode Notes

Inside Winemaking:

Jim Duane Naked Wines:

Seavey Vineyards:

Terratorium Wines: Wine:

Daniel Baron:

Daniel Baron Naked Wines:

Silver Oak Cellars:

Twomey Cellars:

Dominus Estate: