The Winemaker's Journey

Season 3, Episode 1: Physiological Pruning with Alessandro Zanutta and Sam Baron

Episode Summary

In the first episode of Season 3, I focus on the new physiological pruning that is replacing geometric pruning in the the quality vineyards of Europe, Argentina, Australia, Chili and, gradually, the United States. I begin with a primer with Sam Baron interviewing me about what I learned getting a Diploma in Pruning from the University of Bordeaux in 2019 and then a detailed discussion with Alessandro Zanutta, an Italian master pruner and agronomist who has worked all over the world teaching this style of pruning that takes into account the physiology and pathology of the grapevine and strives to extend longevity and quality. The music for Season 3 is the original piece Borealis played by composer Mike Marshall on mandocello and his wife, Catarina Lichtenberg on mandolin. It is from their CD, Third Journey. Thanks for listening

Episode Notes

Diploma Universitaire de La Taille et L'Empamprage:,vigne%20et%20am%C3%A9liorer%20la%20production.

Alessandro Zanutta's presentation at the 2015 Vintage Conference, Napa California:

Simonit & Sirch:

François Dal:

Poussard Pamphlet:

Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees Pamphlet by Alex Shigo:


Marco Falluga:

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